Lately that’s what I’ve been asking myself over and over again as I look at ads plastered on the trains, magazines, billboards- you name it.

There seems to be an influx of really, REALLY ugly ads. Ads that defy all principles of design, even the most basic, obvious, “anyone with even a smidgen of taste wouldn’t do that!” logic. There are ads that don’t have any respect for color harmonies, there are ads that seem to have scraped the barrel for photography and yet  still there are ads that couldn’t be bent or twisted to fit into any kind of grid system.

In all honesty it’s a bit depressing to see all this ugliness. As a designer one of my main objectives is to ad beauty to this world with every opportunity I’m given. So, of course, I take it as a personal insult when I see any ad completely ruined by a misguided amateur or a penny-pinching moron.

So…without further ranting (for now) I’ll use this blog as a means of shining a proverbial spotlight on these ugly-doers. And hope that the extra attention shames them into putting a little more effort the next time they decide to put pen to paper.


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